Living here is amazing!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

What is it about living in Texas I just can’t get enough of? I moved here for college and I never left – I’ve been all over the state and it seems like every time I change cities I like the new one more than the last. I never would have imagined myself a Texan but you know, there are stranger things than living here, for sure. I love the barbecue and the people and how much outdoor time I get, for sure. I also love that the cost of living is relatively cheap because all we’ve got out here in Texas is SPACE! And tons of it! It’s been amazing buying my own house and actually saving money compared to my rent before – I have been painting the cabinets in the kitchen, installing tile, and getting the garbage pickup and Just Energy service all set up. I

’m nearly all moved in! I think I’m going to have a housewarming party in a few weeks and invite all the friends I’ve made from all different parts of the state. I never would have imagined I’d have people who cared about me for hundreds of miles (I’m usually a bit of an introvert) but at the same time it makes sense to me that I’m loving it here. I used to live in Washinton and though I loved the character of the city the rain really got me down. I mean, I literally think I had seasonal affective disorder.

But anyway, with this great new job and a place to finally call my own I can see myself living here in Texas for years to come, if not forever. I really think that someday I’m going to look back on this decision making process and thank myself for being so forward-thinking when it comes to the way I want to live my life! Texas, you’re the place I want to be, at least for now!

Are Bigger Breasts Better?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Well...for some men it really is quite the turn on but I think it also has to do with the body too. If you have a fit person that has big breasts that look normal then I think it is much more attractive. However from a womans perspective...bigger breasts are a hassle. They can create back problems and they are down right annoying at times. People always want what they don't have...if you have small ones you want them bigger and if they are already big you want them smaller...fact of life.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If you have lower back pain then you may want to have some apple cidar vinegar. I have a terrible lower back pain and I just started to have a little apple cider vinegar with grape juice in the morning. I have not noticed a difference but I have just started having this around 3 days ago so I am hoping that it helps I just started to have this lower back pain and I do not know why but I just don't like it...who would!